"u were one of my fav beast blog /sobs"
asked by Anonymous

aww ;___; omg i’m sorry it was such a hard decision ;A; cries cries

if you still want to talk to me you can talk to me on twitter 

"thanks for letting us know, just unfollowed."
asked by Anonymous

ohhh you’re very welcome~

"why are you leaving?"
asked by Anonymous

uhh i no longer feel the urge to be on here and i just don’t find myself wanting to be on here?? idk it’s nothing to do with losing interest with beast i still love them ok 

"I hope all is well."
asked by Anonymous

everything is a ok

"what happened?"
asked by Anonymous

wut do u mean

hey, hello, hi everyone, hope you guys still remember me if not idek
i’m not dead but this blog obviously is and will be dead forever
so you can unfollow me if you want already uhm i don’t even know what to say
thought i should say hi one last time and i hope you’re all doing well
and i miss everyone anyways goodbye ♥